The Roots

Towards the end of the 1920s and until the outbreak of World War II several antiques dealers, mostly from Milan, Venice and Florence, arrived in Brescia in search of antique things.
They turned in particular to small traders or artisans, often unprepared, to research old things in provincial towns, with the hope of doing good business in areas not yet beaten by antiques experts.

The province of Brescia was particularly rich in antique furniture, almost always in walnut, such as chests, kneelers, tables, chairs and many other furnishings and accessories, sometimes also of good quality.
Paintings and wooden sculptures were just as popular and well sought after, but they were more difficult to find because the seekers turned mostly to farmers and villagers, in whose home furniture abounded, perhaps not in good condition but still with their market.
For a reasonable price of course, everything could find an interested buyer.

Angelo Albrici (Antonio's father, the founder in 1961 of Albrici & Paderni), opened in 1925 in Contrada S. Giovanni 25, in the historical center of the city of Brescia, a converted shop in the lobby of an old building, where he conducted the business of junk dealer (licensed in July 1925), buying old things, scrap and hardware.
Following requests of antiques and precious things such as furniture, paintings and other objects, he began to look around, looking in the province with the help of local carpenters and craftsmen.
Antique dealers gave instructions and vague teachings on what to privilege in research and so with time Angelo Albrici learned the trade, becoming in turn connoisseur.

Among the first customers, Mr. Osvaldo Vitale of Milan, who later became a great friend, was prodigal of teachings and economic aid necessary for the collection of goods. Angelo always remembered this person with great gratitude and friendship.
Later, the visits of traders increased, especially Venetians and Florentines, who visited the various collectors of the city, while the market for antiques flourished.